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There are some changes happening here at Moksha SkinFood and in the meantime I have added the current pricelist with all the sizes and pack deals that can be found on the market stall. Please email or message me if you would like to order the pack deals to which the photos and PayPal buttons have not been added to the website as yet. Tabbed website will happen in 2022.

Go Away Bug Spray

GO AWAY BUG SPRAY * Organic and Natural * 50 ml $25 // 125 ml $40 // ************ Only 4 ingredients ************************ Oil of Corymbia citriodora (PMD), Manuka Hydrosol, Almond and Coconut Oil Solubiser, 5% Handmade Alcohol ******************************************** Repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, sand flies and midgies. Kills ticks, leeches, and head lice. Gives relief from bug bites. *************** Huge thanks and all credit to Sara Stephens-Huddleston for the amazing labels, loving the hand drawn bugs

Moksha SkinFood Pricelist

100% Pure & Natural Organic Body Oils

About Moksha SkinFood

Moksha is derived from a passion to make truly organic body care products.  Moksha uses only Certified Organic, pesticide free, wild harvested ingredients.  The exotic oils are souced from small farming communities with fair tradeing practises.

Moksha is free from water, emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives and any hidden nasties.

Pure ingredients blended together presenting as an amazing skin product with stable long life qualities.

Moksha is an artisan product lovingly made in small batches.


The Scent of Moksha

The sublime scent is from the finest single origin essential oils.  The essential oil blend begins in the senses as a fresh light summery top note of an Italian Bergamot (bp free).  A tinge of spicy Black Pepper from India and a generous splash of the complex warm tones of Rose Damask from Bulgaria combine to form the middle notes holding the scent together . At the end you will find the creamy woody grounding base note of Australian Sandalwood lingers on the skin.

   Bergaptene free: means that the naturally ocuring chemical in Bergamot Essential Oil, which can cause sun sensitivity. has been removed.

Ingredients From Nature

I have searched high and low, spoken to other small business like myself and cut no corners  to find the finest ingredients ,,, thank you to all my wonderful suppliers and to their integity of business.

Australian Pink Lake Salt, Kokum Seed Butter, Sal Seed Butter, Cacao Seed Butter, Cupuacu Seed Butter, Murumuru Seed Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Argan Nut Oil, Boabab Seed Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil (Egyptian Nigella Sativa).

Single Origin Essential Oils: Bergamot (bp free),  Rose Otto,  Sandalwood.

pestcicde free /organically grown /fair trade ingredients

Lake Salt Scrub

Is a exfoliating moisturizer can be used for the whole body.  Gently on the face go hard on the feet!   Moksha Lake Salt Scrub will exfoliate and clean, protect skin from the cold and the wind, will give skin more elasticity and leave your skin hydrated longer.  All in one step!!  Makes a great lip scrub plumping up the lips and removing dry chapped skin, you just have to try and Mmmmm tastes yummy!! 

Hydrating Body Butter

Exotic seed  butters and oils, blended with single origin essential create Hydating Body Butter.  Emphasis is on deep long-lasting hydration, leaving skin with a soft velvet like feeling.   While having amazing emollient qualities, Hydrating Body Butter protect the skin from cold, wind and UV damage and if used regularly will heal and repair skin.

Enriching Body Oil

Is comprised of 2 powerful base oils, Jojoba Seed Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil blended with 3 single origin essential oils, Bergamot, Rose Otto and Sandalwood.  Enriching Body oil has a light skin feel and is absorbed quickly leaving the skin silky soft to touch. Moksha Enrich Body Oil loved by both men and women for its exquisite aroma. The earthiness of the black cumin seed oil blends beautifully with the essential oils creating it's very own sublime scent.

Weekend Pop-Up Shop

You can find Moksha Skin Food most weekends on Cullen Street Nimbin 2480 NSW Australia

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Moksha Raw Organic Skin Food

Food For Your Skin

  • Vegan, contains no palm oil, any additives or even water.
  • When was the last time you saw a product like that?


Moksha comes from the Sanskrit word meaning liberation.

Liberate yourself from harsh chemicals today